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Unlock Your Full Potential And Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

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Tap Into Your Power! .... Leverage The Tools! ... Make It Happen!


'Your Partner For Freedom'

Ray duMonde


PS: Go Live!... 


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Anything you do in life would be pointless without a #Purpose

Finding our Purpose is so important to one's #Life-Journey

For me one of the things I love the most about what I do is the #Freedom it provides

My Purpose is to contribute to enabling more Freedom in the world...

Freedom to choose!

Freedom to enjoy more quality time with my family and friends

Freedom from the 'Rat-Race'! ... From the 9 to 5 j.o.b. grind! ... From the Matrix!.

The first step in achieving Freedom is #Belief!...

If you want to experience Freedom and rise to other levels...


Watch the video! ....And then just click the links to get started on your way ... 


See You Along The Path To Freedom.... And Prosperity & Abundance!


'Your Partner In Freedom!'

Ray du Monde


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Legal Income Disclosure!


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Transform Your Life...Live!


Where to Next?... This coming Spring?...

I'm thinking Seattle for it's hip-ness, and then again Charlotte's cool too...and Atlantic-side good for coming over from Europe, Africa & Elsewhere, and New Orleans is Just So Bad-Ass!!! ... 

Where are you Going to? 

Where will you go to Transform Your Life and Generate Your Abundance of Wealth?

#liveeventstransformlives #transformyourlife #generateyourabundanceofwealth #livefree


Connect With Amazing People ~ Tap Into Your Power ~ Transform Your Life!

Seize the Opportunity For You & Your Loved-Ones...And Those You Haven't Met Yet!


Go Live! ~ And Transform ~ Live Your Dreams ~ Be Free!  :)


'Your Partner In Freedom!'

Ray Monde :)

Birthdays Celebrate All Of Us!


Birthdays Celebrate All of Us!...

...Afterall, as much as we are our own beings... we are also all truly connected.... and we are all in this together.  Yes, we celebrate on the day...those who have come as far as they ahve in their lives.... we ought to also quietly celebrate what value we have been able to add to enable that to happen.  

As a Parent, a Dad...also as my own person... I am most grateful for those who helped me along my way in life....even if not always right for me...but with the best fo intentions... it was also ... quidance of say ...what not to do, or better what to do... it was all feedback along the way...

Happy Birthday Natalie!, ... *(my daughter turned 11 on the 11th of Feb 2014)

...I am most grateful for my offspring who have blessed me for their choosing me to be their guide through life.... So Thank You! .... And I see their birthday, as a lovely time to reflect upon all our doings and our being-ness....and to celebrate!

Afterall it's we're just a part of the flow of Life!... So I Say....Let's Have The Best Experiences Possible!

Set Yourself Free! '*( Free Your Mind And Life's Goodies Will Follow!  :)

*(Here's A Reminder For Along Your Way! ~ 'Freedom Is An Inside Job'!)

So On That Note!...

Get Connected Here With Life-Minded People ~ Who Are Also Here For You And Want You To Have Plenty Celebrate About....In Our Gift Called Life!


- Bon Voyage! ... Happy Trails! :)


Ray Monde

'Your Partner In Freedom'


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Ready To Change Your Life And Inspire Others To Change Theirs,... And Get Paid For It All At The Same Time.....?!

Then Take In What Tony Robbins Shares In The Video - Apply It By Taking Massive Focused Action  And Reap the Benefits

Follow Through Here!

And Have The Best Year Ever!

Cheers To Your Success, Prosperity & Abundance!


- Ray Monde

'Serving Others For More Freedom'

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